Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PDUG Conference 2015 March 17 & 18 (Warsaw)

The fifth DB2 PDUG Conference just ended, and it was a great conference again. The event was sponsored by CompFort Meridian, a local company that delivers solutions to help medium to large businesses to make efficient use of their IT systems.

There were roughly 50 attendees on the DB2 for z/OS track, and about 20 on the LUW track.

A few picture from some sessions:

Lost without a trace (Denis Tronin)

Application development goodies – what’s HOT in DB2 10 and 11 - make your favorite DBA love You !! (Steen Rasmussen)

DB2 RACF auth exit w DB2 v11 (Michał Białecki)

Dynamic SQL Best Practices (Gareth Jones, and session moderator Malgorzata in the front)

Recovery Management for DB2 (Christopher Duellmann)

Database Statistics - Good Practices Not Only For Experienced Administrators (Jacek Rafalak)

If you attended the Conference, feel free to leave a comment below to indicate, for example, which session / presenter you enjoyed the most !