Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Improve your DB2 Disaster Recovery process

Review this 2 minute video and discover how CA Merge/Modify for DB2 for z/OS can help your business to proactively prepare for a fast recovery from system failures, outages and other disasters while your users continue to perform all their normal DB2 operations. It also reduces table space downtime and speeds image copy processing by allowing the creation of additional copies of image copies.

CA Merge/Modify for DB2 for z/OS merges DB2 log data with existing image copies, thus creating new, up-to-date image copies without impacting DB2 systems, applications or data availability. Alternatively, the change accumulation functionality lets you accumulate log records from multiple DB2 logs into a single, compact file. In addition, the COPY-IMAGE-COPY feature allows creating copies of existing image copies with no impact on online availability of the tables.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Who corrupted the e-mail addresses in my DB2 table ?

Review this 2 minutes video to discover the UNDO/REDO features of CA Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS, and how it can save you time to discover who corrupted your data, and minimize your efforts to fix this mess!

CA Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS is a powerful product that analyzes DB2 log and SMF records to aid in auditing data changes, recovering data, backing out errant updates without impacting application availability and migrating changes to other subsystems or RDBMSs. It can generate required UNDO SQL statements without losing access to DB2 and can focus on specific data ranges.