Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Top 5 moments from IDUG 2019 Charlotte

IDUG is certainly an invaluable occasion for Db2 professionals to regroup, socialize, network, and get some premium education about this Database Management System. IDUG is actually more than a group of people, it’s a real community of professionals who meet to help each other with the business challenges they face in their daily jobs.

Just saying, the Data in Db2 tables across the globe are critical for most Fortune 1000, and thus the world’s economy is dependent on Db2 availability, performance, recoverability, and security. IDUG helps those professionals working on Db2 (SYSPROGs, Database Administrators, Application Developers …) to maintain their skills to stay up for this challenge!

IDUG announced the location of next year Conference: Dallas !

IDUG Expo opening:
 Broadcom brought a NASCAR into their booth,
 and a legendary NASCAR Driver (Michael Waltrip)
to sign autographs (on Db2 for z/OS posters – lol!)

Example of Technical session:
Denis Tronin explains the API world of Db2

FUN with SQL : the most popular session at IDUG

IDUG Closing Keynote
 about the Open Mainframe project: Zowe

Also worth noting, Broadcom recently acquired CA Technologies, one of the leading Independent Software Vendors for Db2 for z/OS. David Stokes explained that Broadcom is doubling-down on the Mainframe during Monday’s Spotlight Lunch at IDUG:

Broadcom doubles down on the Mainframe

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