Sunday, May 26, 2019

Retrospective of the Broadcom Users Day at SQL Adria Db2 event in Šibenik

SQL Adria ( is the independent, non-profit organization that gathers relational database users for Croatia and Slovenia. It was founded 25 years ago, as a Db2 Regional User Group (RUG) of IDUG.

Since 2000, CA Technologies has been a proud sponsor of the summer event. At the end of last year, Broadcom acquired CA Technologies and so, nowadays, Broadcom is sponsoring SQL Adria. The first Day of the event (Sunday) is traditionally held by CA Technologies (a Broadcom Company), nowadays called the Broadcom Users Day.

Steve Thomas presents Broadcom to the audience,
explaining what it means to double-down on the Mainframe

Philippe Dubost presents the Vision and Strategy regarding to
Broadcom Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS
(aka. Db2 Tools)
Denis Tronin explains our investments in the Open Mainframe area,
project ZOWE and Brightside.

Steve Thomas reveals new User Interfaces for Broadcom Db2 Tools

Emil Kotrc explains Continuous Delivery
in the Mainframe world to the SQL Adria audience

Tom Juhl discusses Mainframe Intelligent Technologies from Broadcom
Steve Thomas summarizes the latest new features
delivered in Broadcom Db2 Tools

On behalf of Broadcom, let me extend a big Thank You to the numerous Db2 for z/OS professional who decided to spend their Sunday to listen to our presentations at the Broadcom Users Day during SQL Adria !

Thank You!

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