Sunday, October 13, 2019

7th csDUG Conference: A great success!

The 7th csDUG Conference happened a few days ago (10/10/2019) in Prague.

Last year, we added a third track for IMS for z/OS users. This track was full this year! The traditional 2 Db2 tracks (Database Administrators and Database Developers) were also well attended. Some 60 Db2 and/or IMS users, mainly from Czech Republic and Slovakia, joined the conference this year. The event was sponsored by Broadcom, and held in the Broadcom R&Ds lab in Prague. Thanks to all the speakers who made the trip to share their expertise and give presentations about Db2 for z/OS and IMS.

A few pictures from the event!

Steve Thomas and #Db2z Transparent Encryption

Emil Kotrc and the MERGE statement
Milo Pekar discusses #zowe and z/OSMF in the #IMS Track

The Perfect Trio by Cüneyt Goksu

#IMS logical relationship in HALDBs by Alexej Danilkin

Group picture at csDUG (7th event)

Users’ feedback: Top presenters

Best presenter of each Track:
  • Db2 DBA Track: Steve Thomas - Using Transparent Data Encryption in Db2z
  • Db2 DEV Track: Cüneyt Goksu - Perfect Trio: Temporal Tables, Transparent Archiving and IDAA
  • IMS Track:     Jirka Vandas - What you can encrypt in IMS with IBMz

Wanna see more pics of the event?
Additional pictures of the event can be found at

Where are the presentations?

Your feedback is welcome
If you attended the Conference, feel free to leave additional comments below, for example, to praise one of the presenters!

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