Saturday, September 30, 2017

News from SpDUG Forum in Madrid - 26 September 2017

The latest SpDUG Db2 conference took place in Madrid, earlier this week. It was a real success, as the number of attendees raised to ~100 !
Manuel Gomez Burriel kicks-off the event

Although I could not attend myself this time, I heard it was a great conference again, you may find more information at

A few pictures (credit to @SpDUG)

Steve Thomas (CA Tech) - Db2 12 partitioning restrictions

Chris Crone speaks about SQL enhancements in Db2 11 & 12
Jim Dee (BMC) talks about LOBs
The CA Technologies booth at SpDUG Forum

The event was sponsored by CA Technologies, IBM, BMC, Compuware and EPV Technologies.

If you attended the Conference, feel free to leave a comment below to indicate, for example, which session / presenter you enjoyed the most !

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  1. Event covered most of the technical expectations for our local Db2 community. Our gratitude to the sponsors for supporting and assisting in the delivering of the event.
    All the presentations and speakers evaluations were very welcome and highly valued by the community. It is a privilege to count on speakers of this level.
    And the latest news...we are already working on 2018 edition !!!