Friday, June 26, 2015

SQL Adria Conference 2015 June 14-18 (Dubrovnik)

The DB2 SQL Adria Conference just ended, and it was a great conference again, in a great location!

The event was sponsored by IBM, IDUG and CA Technologies, and the agenda can be found here. Below a group picture of the SQL Adria team :

A few picture from some sessions:

IBM Fellow Namik Elre Speaks about DB2 Accelerator and IBM SPARK project

Steen Rasmussen explains what’s in DB2 10 and 11 for Application Developers

Cristian Molaro takes a deep dive into DB2 11 Performance

 Steve Thomas goes over DB2 Real Time Statistics (RTS)

Last, but not the least, SQL Adria would not be the same without the CA dinner and networking event sponsored by CA Technolgies:

If you attended the Conference, feel free to leave a comment below to indicate, for example, which session / presenter you enjoyed the most !

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