Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Collect and Analyze DB2 performance data

I recently met a DB2 user who was interested in monitoring and analyzing DB2 performance. He is a DB2 DBA, and he was especially interested in monitoring SQL transactions (figuring out high consumption).
Collecting and analyzing DB2 performance data is one of the main role of Database Administrators, and it’s a complex activity.

Because a video is worth a thousand words, I suggest you have a look at a presentation called Top 10 Tips for Collecting and Preparing DB2 Performance Data. You will need to enter a few contact details to receive the link via e-mail.

Also, you may have a look at some interesting IDUG presentations (from DB2 users) on the IDUG website, you also need to register for free to access to content:
How Did Israel Discount Bank reduce its CPU cost by 10%? – by Yaron Zahavi (Israel Discount Bank)

More specifically, one of the tool that Database Administrators can use for collecting and analyzing DB2 performance is CA Detector® for DB2 for z/OS. By using CA Detector, you can capture every single SQL statements executed so you can get the full picture either because you want to do chargeback, trending, locate the biggest performance hits, or find the low hanging fruit to optimize to get the biggest bank for the bucks. You can also exclude the data collection specific transactions, SQL statements, or plans … to save some resources. If you want to know more about CA Detector, you may also have a look at the product manual.

To complete this topic, there are various presentations regarding DB2 v11 Performance being held at IDUG, and various Regional User Groups.

My little finger tells me that, if you are interested in DB2 v11 Performance, you will want to have a look at the next csDUG agenda, when it will be available ;)

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