Thursday, January 23, 2014

IDUG North America is around the corner

Back from Xams vacation, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year !

As the tradition mandates, I have been taking a few resolutions for 2014, and if you wonder which ones, here you go:
1-      Attend the IDUG conference in Prague
2-      Write a XMLquery without SQL syntax error in less than 10 minutes
3-      Become friend with iterative SQL coding techniques

And since we are at the beginning of the year, it’s time to look at all the great DB2 upcoming events in 2014. As you probably know, IDUG North America is around the corner, it will take place in Phoenix on May 12-16 [more info here]. Unfortunately, I probably won’t make it. I have however looked at the many sessions scheduled, read carefully the description, and selected the ones that matches my interests (and my new year’s resolutions). So here is the top 10 sessions that I recommend (ordered by session’s code) :

1-      A10 DB2 for z/OS: Disaster Recovery for the Rest of Us
2-      B02 How to Optimize a DB2 z/OS Application without any SQL or Program Change?
4-      E07 Going Native: Leveraging DB2 for z/OS SQL Procedures and UDFs
5-      F04 Big Data Disaster Recovery Performance
6-      F06 With the Emergence of Big Data, Where do Relational Technologies Fit?
7-      F08 IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - The Performance Revolution Continues
8-      F10 A Big Data Roadmap for the DB2 Professional
9-      G02 The DB2 11 catalog – something new, something old, something changed
10-   G10 Unleash the power of XML retrieval with Xpath and Xquery, are you still with me ?

I must also indicate that I’m gladly surprised that the IDUG Planning Committee (finally!) accepted a z/OS session that really targets “beginners”:
E08 A 50 Cent tour of DB2

Of course, this is only my opinion, and if you have your own suggestions, or if you want to share which sessions you recommend, feel free to comment this article.

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