Tuesday, September 17, 2019

October 10, 2019 – csDUG Conference

The Czech Republic and Slovakia Db2 Users Group (csDUG) is a Regional User Group (RUG) that was created 7 years ago.

On 10 October 2019, we will be hosting the 7th csDUG event, with 3 tracks!
This year's event is sponsored by Broadcom.

This is a full day FREE conference with top industry speakers - a great opportunity for DB2 and IMS users to meet industry experts !

Agenda of the conference

Backup presentations:
Db2 DBA Track - Experience with Db2 12 Continuous Delivery - an update (Emil Kotrc)
Db2 DEV Track - Mastering Index Design to Improve Query Performance (Rodolfo Custodio)
IMS Track - Don´t be afraid of ODBM security and gain control over all access points to your databases (Radek Mrvec)


Broadcom, 3rd floor
V Parku 8,
148 00 Prague 4, Chodov
Czech Republic

--> it’s the same location as last year (just the company name changed) - you won’t get lost!

Are you a qualified Db2 or IMS specialist? Do you want to discover what Db2 or IMS is or what it can do for you? Are you an experienced DBA in environments other databases and need support in Db2 or IMS for a new project? Are you interested in what role it can play a Db2 or IMS architecture of your business?
     --> Join the October 10 csDUG conference to listen to industry experts and network with other people interested in Db2!

Register to this FREE conference :

Send an email to register.csdug.10.OCT@gmail.com

Please specify:
  • your name,
  • country,
  • job title,
  • company,
  • Main track of interest (Db2 DBA track or Db2 Developer Track or IMS Track) – as csDUG, you can move from one track to another, but for organizational matters, please let us know which track is most interesting for you.
  • language(s) spoken
  • Become a member of the virtual csDUG group at http://www.worldofdb2.com/group/csdug - If you are not already a member of the WorldOfDB2 website, you will need to register first.

Please note that all people attending the conference venue need to register in order to have a badge. The information you provide will help us to identify you.